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Welcome to VURideMatch.com


Promoting sustainability in Tennessee is a priority of Vanderbilt University (VU). In order to support and encourage our employees to commute by an alternative to the single occupant vehicle, VU is pleased to offer a dedicated ridesharing solution designed to help you find carpool partners who work or study at VU.

Is VURideMatch.com for You?

VURideMatch.com is a dedicated ridesharing system for use only by VU faculty, staff and students who have a "Vanderbilt.edu" email address. Register today to find a carpool partner.

Use with Confidence

Fully secure, this site will help you find carpool partners who work at our site. Register today to give it a try. No obligation and you can remove yourself from searches whenever you’re not actively looking for carpool partners. It will even help you find bike buddies and transit buddies, if you're looking to have a travel companion!

New Feature!

New! If you are looking to join a vanpool we have partnered with our local Transportation Management Association (TMA) to manage the vanpool matching services. Please visit wwwVanstar.com for more information on vanpooling.

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